What Makes a Great Closet? Seven Tips to Consider.

Closets do not have to be over complicated. Though we need them, a closet that functions well is not out of reach. The simplest built-ins can improve your closet space exponentially. Here are some simple tips to consider when thinking about improving your closet space.

  1. Adjustable shelves are all the rage. Life is busy, and most of our needs change over time. If your closet shelves are adjustable you just increased the flexibility of your closet to meet your needs as things change.
  2. Every closet needs some drawers. The major pro when considering drawers over shelves is that they keep your clothing contained and once closed look neat and tidy.
  3.  Closet rods that are stacked one on top of the other (or double hanging) allows for no wasted space. There’s always room for another garment when double hanging is installed.
  4. Hooks are always a good option. It’s so handy to have that favorite pair of jeans for easy grabbing, or those oh-so-comfy lounging pants ready for relaxing.
  5. Consider a cabinet with doors, having a cabinet with doors means you can close the door on the mess. This creates less dust on your clothing as well.
  6. Re-think the fancy hardware you think you’ll use. For example those pull down closet rods end up hosting the clothes you never use and therefore didn’t need to pay the premium for that hardware.
  7. Be realistic with the space you have. Take an inventory of your wardrobe, if you have many long garments, then all double hanging will not work for you. Or if you have many sweaters you will need more drawers or shelves.

Closets are a necessary space in our homes, but rarely is it utilized to its full potential. Tired of those builder grade white wire racks that don’t quite cut it? Look no further, we can change that for you and make your closet both functional and beautiful. Call for your free estimate today, Phil: 403-680-8109.