Ready to renovate? Five tips to help you know where to start.

Marchant Carpentry is a small family business that’s been in the Calgary market for the last 15 years. Here are our top five tips for getting a renovation off the ground.

  1. As much as we hate to admit that money is an issue, it is a real factor in deciding which project to tackle. There are seasons in life and a home renovation has it’s own seasons. Understanding the season you are in helps in your decision making process. Honestly evaluate your budget, make room for unseen problems (called a contingency), and decide what renovation in your home fits within that budget.
  2. You may not be aware of all the details that go into a renovation; such as what the standard clearance between upper and lower cabinets is? But it does help your contractor considerably if you are decided on style, paint colors, counter top ideas, cabinet door style, and other such decisions. Let me clarify, you don’t need to know exactly, but you must be able to make a timely decision in order to keep your contractor’s time schedule on track and therefore your budget on track.
  3. Don’t be afraid to hire the right help. If the plumbing needs moving to fit your new cabinet, don’t expect your cabinet maker to take care of it. Ultimately, this is your home, your project. If a plumber is needed don’t be afraid to hire the professional help and have it done right.
  4. Recognize the project may not go as planned, there are always problems that hinder a project. For example, many indoor walls have hidden surprises like plumbing, electrical or venting. It will never be perfect, but in the end it will look amazing. Don’t be disappointed in the process, the end will justify the means!
  5. Any project will always be more expensive than you think  – costs in the renovation market are always changing. We can pretty much guarantee that at some point in the renovation you will think that something costs much more than it should. This is where your contingency comes in. Don’t be afraid, luck favors the bold!

If you feel ready for a renovation, give us a call today for your free estimate 403-680-8109 and ask for Phil!

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