Laundry Room Anyone?

This home is full of endless love and laundry! If that is true, a laundry room is one of those rooms that’s more important than we realize. It’s a room that many of us take for granted, especially if you’ve forgotten what it was like to haul your laundry across campus or your apartment building when you were first starting out.

Take a look at Pintrest and you will quickly see how cute and trendy laundry rooms have become. Most homes today have a basic layout of the laundry machines just off the garage or stuck in the unfinished part of the basement. You just might be tired of this, and the lack of functionality has pushed you to consider hiring help for a laundry room renovation!

Here are somethings you should consider going forward:
Make it work for your family – don’t let your laundry room be a frustration to you any longer. Honestly evaluate what you need out of this room…is it a place for some extra storage? Do you need laundry baskets for dirty laundry or will family members keep a basket in their own rooms?

Think about the little perks that would put this renovation right over the edge. Do you need a closet rod for hanging? A drying rack or hooks on the wall? A hanging rack for your iron/ironing board? What about pull out laundry baskets? A sink/shower install for washing your pet? Think about the little luxuries that will save you time and frustration, this will ensure you get everything you need out of this room.

Keep your renovation classic. By that we mean, don’t go too crazy with color or ultra trendy gimmicks. Remember this is the type of renovation that you will likely do once and never again. I would not paint the cabinets being installed the light “blush” color of 2020 that’s so fab, this will be a trend that will pass quite quickly.

Don’t overlook a counter in the laundry room. Laundry rooms are all purpose rooms in many ways. The counter becomes an amazing spot to fold a small load quickly, sort your whites from dark’s, keep quick access soaps and stain remover, or the pile of ironing that you will do by the end of the week!

Laundry rooms shown in pictures on Pintrest are big empty rooms that look so glamorous, but don’t be discouraged by this if you just don’t have that space. Small laundry rooms can go a long way. This type of renovation allows for tighter “margins;” you can cram a lot into a small space and still have it look great.

For example, a laundry room is the perfect place to build up. Add upper cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling. Add a shelf over the stacked-up machines for a laundry basket, make pull out baskets under the counter. There are many space saving ideas out there.

Our last tip: don’t forget to add a great light. When you are looking for stains on clothing, only a nice bright light will do! We hope this helps you to make some decisions before you go ahead with a Laundry Room renovation. Any room in your house can be fabulous, even the laundry. Keep it classic and functional and you will be happy for many years to come! Let us know if you’re ready to renovate today!

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