Keep Your Cabinets Looking New

Once your new kitchen is up and running and the cooking starts rolling out of your new space, you may wonder how to keep your space looking new. Our top suggestion is that you use a clean cloth with warm water and dish soap to give your cabinets a wipe. Dish soap is perfectly formulated to take care of the oils that accumulate on your cabinets (especially in the kitchen). This is because the soap molecule has a head that is water loving (hydrophilic) and a tail that is hydrophobic causing it to be attracted to oils and grabbing on to them. So water and oil do mix (with the help of dish soap) to clean your cabinets!

You will find your cabinets are less work to clean if cleaned on a regular basis, because food is not allowed to harden and solidify. ‘Clean as you go’ is a great rule of thumb, don’t let that spaghetti sauce spill set. Don’t use any harsh cleaners on your wood cabinetry as it is easy to ruin the finish, if you find you need to clean a tough spot make a paste of baking soda and water, rinsing well with water.

To touch up minor scratches in your cabinets you can find touch up markers at most home stores. They are inexpensive and will go a long way in keeping your cabinets looking new. Our only recommendation is to use a lighter color first, and gradually work your way darker until you have the right match. Do not go too dark as it will look repaired and cheapen the look of your cabinets. Go over the repaired scratch with a paper towel to remove excess right away.

Avoid excessive moisture! Pay special attention to your sink cabinet and the cabinet surrounding the dishwasher. Immediately wipe down the area after doing the dishes with a soft dry towel and avoid hanging wet dish towels over the cabinet doors. Also, be aware of your kettle and make sure that it is not boiling away under the cabinet or steaming up the cabinet door. One last tip about avoiding moisture in your new kitchen is to use the hood fan. These are designed to remove excess moisture and strong kitchen smells. Turn it on when you begin cooking and keep it on for 30 minutes after you are done.

We hope you love your new kitchen and have many great years of food and fellowship in the heart of your home!

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