Boxes, Boxes, Cabinet Boxes

Every custom kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or mud room begins with a simple cabinet box. Phil likes to joke that his job is all about building boxes. Though for the most part that is true, there is so much more to it than just a box. I want to try and reveal the process to you, take the mystery out of what it entails. We’ll start from the bottom up. First you need to install the base on which the cabinet rests. See the instep, where you can walk up to a cabinet and have room for your toes, that is the base. Once the whole cabinet is installed a matching board, called a kick, is installed on the front of the base to finish the look. The cabinet box is installed on the base, built to fit the dimensions of your renovation. Every cabinet box can be customized for a bank of drawers, or as shown here for adjustable shelves with a drawer on top. Each piece of the box is cut perfectly square, and must be put together perfectly square. The holes for the adjustable shelf must be drilled (using a jig) to match on both sides so the shelf fits level. If a drawer is part of the design, another box (a drawer box) is built to fit the clearance needed for the drawer slide hardware. So for a simple cabinet box as shown here, three boxes of different dimensions are needed.

A cabinet box is the practical part of your renovation, but there are a few pieces that add the finishing details to your boxes. The first is edge tape, which is glued on and cut down to fit the edge of the box or shelf perfectly. Second, filler strips are cut to the length of the cabinet, excluding the base. These are used to fill the space between the wall and the cabinet box. The filler strip is finished to match the cabinets with edge tape or a solid piece of wood is attached to the face of the strip called nosing. Third, gables are a finishing touch that run from the floor to the top of the upper cabinets along the outer edge of a bank of boxes. In the case of a Kitchen renovation, gables are usually installed along the outline of where the fridge will fit. Hopefully this post helps you understand cabinet boxes and the finishing details needed for almost any renovation. We understand the process and are here to take the fear out of boxes, let us help!

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